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The Jumbo Designer Catbox in Whiteis currently out of stock. Order now and take advantage of our holiday discounts, and we will ship it out when we are back in stock at the end of January.

For those of us that have some big and tall furry friends, look no further! The Jumbo Designer Catbox is the larger version of our bestselling Designer Catbox. With extra interior height and added width, the Jumbo Designer Catbox looks like an elegant piece of furniture and is a stylish addition to any home while cleverly hiding the litter pan. 

The patented design of the Jumbo Designer Catbox features a removable interior panel that prevents litter from being kicked out onto the floor. If you decide your cat needs more room for a litter pan, simply take it out!

Made with high quality wood pieces, the Jumbo Designer Catbox is a fully functional cat litter box with storage for your litter accessories. The litter pan, litter scoop and other accessories are completely hidden from family and guests. Also included is a hook to hold the litter scoop.

The Designer Catbox is easily assembled and comes with detailed instructions. For setup, you will need a Phillip's head screwdriver.

  • A removable interior panel and staggered entrance prevents litter from being kicked onto the floor.
  • Outer hole can be set up on right or left, so that you can keep it hidden from guests.
  • Air pressure safety hinge holds lid up for the easiest cleaning.
  • Keeps curious children away from the litter, and keeps out dogs looking for "treats".
  • Made from high quality engineered wood and painted with durable, glossy, non-toxic, lead-free paint - made to last.
  • Designed to hold most Jumbo or Giant litter pans.*


  • Size of the Jumbo Designer Catbox: 29.9" length by 24.6" width by 23.2" height. 
  • Shipping Weight: 48.5 lbs 
  • Cat entrance holes are 7.5" wide by 9.1" high to fit large cats. 
  • Interior dimensions of the Jumbo Designer Catbox are: 27.25" length by 22.75" width by 16.25" height.
  • *The Jumbo Designer Catbox is designed to hold a standard or high- backed Jumbo or Giant litter pan. The space for the litter pan is 22.5" length x 16.5" width. Some brands that carry a litter pan that will fit are: Arm & Hammer, Petmate, VanNess, Doskocil, So Phresh, Pet Champion, and Grreat Choice. 
  • Note: a larger litter pan will fit in the Designer Catbox if you do not install the interior panel.


US Patent US D616617 S1

UPC 851995003183


Customer Reviews

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A practical and stylish way to hide the litter box

This is a great litter box. I like how the lid opens from the top, makes scooping easier. I put a cushion on top to make it look like a nice seat in the mud room.

Amanda Schrock
I love the thought of it

My cats didnt like the divider, so I removed it. I love the set up. It is really nice and worth the money. My only complaint is it isnt "urine" proof. If there is such a thing. My female cats have missed the box and now the wood has deteriorated and a leg even fell off. I had cleaned it immediately after finding it but the particle board doesnt stand a chance. I had talked my Mom into buying one because she loved mine as well. She also had has the same issue with hers as her male cats "missed" and now hers is swelled up where the urine was. Other than that, this product is awesome!!!

Ross Hutchison

I started using this in conjunction with feeding my cats raw food, and I haven’t had any issues with odour whatsoever, even when I skip a day or two. I use two litter catching mats, one inside and one outside and have minimal issues with litter tracking. All in all worth it!