Bailey Cat Scratcher End Table in Driftwood

$154.99 $124.00

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Meet the newest addition to our family - Bailey! 

Our Bailey Cat Scratcher End Table was created for those of us that are tired of having ugly cat scratchers throughout our home to prevent our beautiful furniture from being destroyed. Versatile and elegant, the Bailey looks like a gorgeous piece of furniture in your home, while giving your cats a place to scratch and rest. 

The Bailey has so many uses, and can be used upright or on its side (please note the bottom of the Bailey Cat Scratcher Table will have screw holes showing, so it should be placed out of sight). You can put two together to make a coffee table, have one near a window to save your curtains and give your kitty a great place to look out at the world, or use as a traditional end table for your couch or bed. The possibilities are endless!

One of the best features of this product is that you can assemble the Bailey with the scratching material on the inside or the outside - the choice is up to you! 

Designer Pet Products Tip: Sprinkle some catnip on the sisal to show your cats this is their place to scratch and relax!

Product Features:

  • Strong, sturdy sisal scratching material on three interior surfaces.
  • Panels can be assembled with sisal on the inside or outside of the product.
  • Made from high quality engineered wood with a beautiful light driftwood veneer.
  • Can be used in upright or side position (please note the bottom of the side table should be hidden from view as there are screw holes).
  • Product dimensions (in upright position) are 23.75"H x 20.75"W x 15"D.

Customer Reviews

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Becky J
Excellent cat scratcher/table!

We needed a side table to put our air purifier on, and had been kind of looking for several months and not finding anything quite right. I stumbled on this one just while browsing the internet and I knew right away this was the one. It arrived this week and we (including our herd of cats) could not be happier.

My husband assembled it, but I asked him if it was easy and he said it was and that I would've been able to do it no problem. He also commented that he thinks it's sturdy enough to stand on (although I definitely won't be testing that, LOL).

The table is attractive laminate, with sisal cat scratcher pads on one side of the bottom and each side. It can be assembled with all of the sisal facing out, all of it facing in, or in whatever combination you like. In our case, we needed one side sisal-out (hoping to distract the cats from the side of our sofa which is nearby), one side sisal-in, and the bottom sisal-in. This flexibility of assembly is great. It can also be oriented so that the sides become the top and bottom, if you wish, resulting in a slightly lower, longer table (like as a small coffee table).

Just FYI, the laminate on the driftwood colored one is not quite as blonde as some of the manufacturer pics look. I would say the name "driftwood" is very's light colored with a touch of grey tones. The color name and my pic are more accurate color-wise than the manufacturer pic with the orange cat.

I would highly recommend this side table if you have cats and want an attractive, functional table.


This product exceeded my expectations. Utilized to help protect a beloved couch. And it seems to be working ;) Quality great, Shipping Speed excellent. Will buy from this company repeatedly.