Designer Pet Products Litter Box Tips


As a cat owner, there are certain tasks we complete out of love for our feline companion, but prefer to avoid. One of those tasks is the dreaded cleaning of the litter box. However, staying on top of cleaning your cat's litter box is essential to avoid odor, transmission of cat-to human diseases, and elimination problems. 

One of the most common reasons cats are brought in to the vet (or given up to shelters) is litter box issues. Most cats will naturally have the instinct to use the litter box without many directions.

While it will never be a welcome chore, the following tips might make the process less painful.


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Keep the Litter Box Accessible

Litter boxes are best placed in an easily accessible quiet, low-traffic area. Loud areas or high-traffic areas can disturb your cat and make them not want to use that litter box. They also tend to dislike when their litter box is close to their food dishes.

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Choose the Right Litter

There are many types of litter available, so choose one that works well for both you and your cat. Some popular options include clay litter, clumping litter, and natural or biodegradable litter.

Clean the Litter Box Daily

Cats are very clean animals, and they may not use their litter box if it is too dirty for their liking. This will also help your cat feel more comfortable using the box. Scoop out waste and clumps of litter daily to keep the box clean and reduce odors.

Clean the Box Regularly

The litter box should be thoroughly washed and changed with fresh, new litter once a week. Use warm water and gentle soap. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the litter box because they leave harmful residue.

Consider Adding a Mat

Placing a litter mat under the box can help catch any litter that your cat tracks out of the box. This can help keep your floors clean and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Provide Enough Litter Boxes

It's important to have enough litter boxes for each cat in your household, plus one extra. This will prevent competition and territorial issues, and ensure that each cat has ample space to use the box comfortably.

Overall, owning a cat can bring so much joy and happiness to your life. While dealing with a litter box may be least desirable aspect of owning a cat, by following these tips, you can keep your litter box clean and your cat happy and healthy.